PCSO Lotto Jackpot: Former OFW wins P21.97M Lottery. Play NOW!

PCSO Lotto Jackpot is considered to be a significant occurrence. For the very first time, Filipinos will have the opportunity to participate in their preferred lottery games online, without having to leave the convenience of their own homes. It is a monumental milestone for the Philippines, as it symbolizes the beginning of a new age of lottery gaming in the country.

The lucky winner of the jackpot prize of P21,966,450.20 in the Lotto 6/42 drawing that took place on September 21, 2023 was a retired overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who was 65 years old and a resident of Pasig City. The drawing took place on September 21. On September 21st, the drawing in question took place. Specifically, the drawing in question took place on the 21st of September. The Philippines, which served as the location itself, was the location where the drawing was completed.

The winning combination, which was calculated to be 25-10-14-17-19-42, was produced by SM City East Ortigas. That location was where the winning combination was found. After putting together the winning combination, the area was determined to be the destination. In order to acquire the winning combination, it was necessary to make use of one of the lottery tickets that had been acquired from the lottery store. In this particular instance, the lottery ticket that was used was this one. The winner’s relatives’ birthdates were used in order to get the winning combination. This was done for the purpose of generating the winning combination. Following that, the winning combination was chosen through the process of selection. The winner made his appearance at the PCSO Main Office in Mandaluyong City on October 24, 2023, in order to stake his claim to the massive sum of money that he had acquired before to that date. In this particular location, the victor asserted his right to the reward and communicated his feelings over his entitlement to it.

Even while he was working overseas as an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) and continuing to participate in digit games, the one and only winner never faltered in his dedication to his habit of playing the lottery. He never wavered in his commitment to his habit. As a matter of course, he never wavered from his routine of participating in lottery games. It was something that he never ceased participating in, the lottery. Ever since Lotto 6/42 was made accessible to the general public for the very first time in the year 1995, he has been a devoted fan of the lottery.

In addition to that, he stated that he had previously won a sum that was in the five-digit range from the six winning combinations in the same PCSO game, which was Lotto 6/42, in the year 2018. He claimed that this was the case in 2018. 2018 was the year when this occurred. The year 2018 was the one in which this took place. After achieving this accomplishment, he became even more enthusiastic about continuing to play, with the ultimate objective of winning the jackpot, which is getting increasingly difficult to acquire. He was determined to achieve this accomplishment. In order to achieve this purpose, he was determined to go through with it.

The winner has stated in a statement that he intends to increase the amount of money that he has saved for the future, to provide financial assistance to members of his family who are pursuing their education, and to make investments in activities that are related to the family business. This information was released by the winner at the same time.

According to the requirements of Republic Act No. 1169, winners have one (1) year from the date of the draw to redeem their awards at their own discretion. This time period begins on the date of the draw. Since the date of the draw, this time period has been in effect. The beginning of this time period will take place immediately after the completion of the winner of the draw. It has been specified that a time period that has been in effect ever since the day of the draw has been in effect. In order to be eligible for any and all jackpot payouts from the lottery, participants are required to present their identification at the PCSO Main Office in Mandaluyong City. It is necessary to fulfill this condition in order to take part in the lottery. The aforementioned statement is accurate for each and every award that is presented.

The technique requires winners to write their names and provide their signatures on the back of the winning ticket in order for them to properly complete the process of claiming their prizes. This is necessary in order for the winners to successfully complete the procedure. Due to the fact that this is an essential phase, the completion of the operation is dependent on it being carried out. In addition, before being permitted admission into the facility, individuals are needed to provide two (2) identification cards that have been issued by the proper authorities.

Additionally, the general public is reminded that the TRAIN Law imposes a tax of twenty percent on incentives that are greater than one million pesos. This tax is the subject of the general public’s attention. Reward amounts that are greater than one million pesos are subject to this restriction. This restriction is placed on incentives that are received by the recipient of the reward.

On the other hand, the assertion that you are a member of the Pagtulong, PCSO is not substantiated by any evidence that can be considered objective!

The E-Lotto PCSO is available in a wide variety of games, each with its own set of guidelines and odds. These are some of the most well-known:


3D Lotto

The Philippines love 3D PCSO Lotto (Swertres). Participants choose a three-digit number and try to match it in different ways to earn rewards. Each ticket costs 10 pesos for one of three daily lotteries.

Start with a three-digit number between 000 and 999. Drawing one of three numbered balls from a chamber determines the winning number. Match all three digits in the correct order or two or one digit(s) in any order to win a prize.

3D PCSO Lotto’s ease of play and big prizes make it popular in the Philippines. Even if the odds of winning the grand prize are one in a thousand, one in 100 can win a lower-level award.

PCSO Lotto Lunch

2D Lotto

The PCSO Lotto, the Philippines’ national lottery, lets players pick two numbers from one to thirty-one. You can play many combinations and choose your numbers or let the machine choose. You can win the jackpot by manually selecting them.

The PCSO Lotto is drawn three times a day at two, five, and nine o’clock. You can win the lotto by matching your two chosen numbers with the winning numbers. Number sequence does not affect game outcome.

Playing the PCSO Lotto costs P10.00 and offers a P4,000.00 jackpot. The jackpot prize money rolls over to the next drawing if no one wins. The next drawing might have a bigger payout.


4D Lotto

In the thrilling Philippine game 4D PCSO Lotto, players pick a four-digit number between 0000 and 9999. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:00 PM Pacific Standard Time are the drawing days, and tickets cost 10 pesos.

Your four-digit number is completely up to you and comes in many variants. For the draw, numbered balls will be randomly selected to determine the winning number. To enhance your chances of winning, choose a number that matches the winning number or two, three, or all four numbers, regardless of order.

Playing the 4D PCSO Lotto offers a good chance of winning, with odds ranging from 1 in 100 to 1 in 10,000, even if your numbers don’t match exactly. 4D PCSO Lotto offers a thrilling chance to test your luck and win big with a small bet. Best of luck!


6D Lotto 

The Philippine lottery game 6D PCSO Lotto lets you pick a number from 1 to 60. Tickets cost 10 pesos for the three-times-a-week drawings.

To win, your six numbers must match the winning number in order. You can win lower-tier prizes if any of the six digits match, regardless of order.

Even if the odds of winning the grand prize are one in ten million, you could win one of the lesser rewards. 6D Lotto is popular in the Philippines because players can win big with a small bet and the game is easy to play. However, knowing the risk of gambling addiction is crucial. Bet what you can afford to lose and don’t chase losses.

Ultra Lotto

6/58 Ultra Lotto

Players choose six numbers from 1 to 58 in Ultra PCSO Lotto 6/58. Computers can generate random numbers or several combinations.

Weekly Ultra Lotto 6/58 draws are Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. All of your picked numbers—in any order—must match the winning numbers to win the jackpot.

Ultra Lotto 6/58’s jackpot starts at P50,000,000.00 and rises with each draw until a winner is announced. If no one wins, the jackpot rolls over to the next drawing.

Matching three, four, or five winning numbers earns prizes in addition to the jackpot. Prizes for matching 3, 4, and 5 numbers depend on the draw’s total money and number of winners.

Super Lotto

6/49 Super Lotto 

The Super PCSO Lotto 6/49 game is simple: pick six numbers from 1 to 49. You can choose from countless combinations and pick your own numbers or let the machine pick them.

The Super PCSO Lotto 6/49 draws occur on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. To win the jackpot, your six chosen numbers must match the six winning numbers in any order.

Grand Lotto

Grand Lotto 6/55

To play Grand PCSO Lotto 6/55 in the Philippines, choose six numbers from 1 to 55. Choose from many permutations by typing them yourself or letting the machine do it.

Weekly drawings are held Mondays and Thursdays. Your six selected numbers must match the six winning numbers to win the jackpot.

The prize starts at P29,700,000.00 and grows with each drawing. No jackpot winner means the prize pool rolls over to the next drawing.

Matching 3, 4, and 5 numbers earns prizes in addition to the jackpot. Prize amounts depend on the prize pool and number of winners.

Mega Lotto

Mega Lotto 6/45

Play Mega PCSO Lotto 6/45 in the Philippines by choosing six numbers from 1 to 45. You can choose your numbers by yourself or using a computer and play with multiple combinations.

Weekly drawing days are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. You win the jackpot if your six numbers (in any order) match the six winning numbers.

This prize starts at P8,910,000.00 and rises with each drawing till won. No winner means the jackpot rolls over to the next drawing.

In addition to the jackpot prize, awards for matching three, four, or five winning numbers are provided, depending on the number of winners and prize pool.


Smalltown Lottery

You must choose a game before playing the Small Town Lottery. Although Swertres, Swer2, STL Pares, STL Pasakay, and STL Keno are available, Swertres is the most popular.

Choose three numbers between 0 and 9 to play Swertres. Swer2 requires two numbers from the same range. The game STL Pares involves picking two pairs of integers between 0 and 9. STL Pasakay requires four numbers from this range. STL Keno requires 20 numbers from 80.

STL draws daily at 10:30 AM, 3:00 PM, and 7:00 PM. You can win if you match your numbers to the winning numbers. The game you played and the amount of winning numbers decide the reward size.

Lottery Drawings: Making Sure They Are Fair, Random, and Open to Public Accountability

A computerized system that has been specifically created to assure fairness and randomness is utilized in the process of conducting lottery drawings. This method is used to ensure that the draws are truly random and fair. For the purpose of determining the winning numbers, the current method makes use of a complex mathematical algorithm, which eliminates the possibility of any impact from human prejudice. Furthermore, the full procedure is meticulously documented and then shared to the general public for review, therefore assuring the transparency and credibility of the lottery.

Even though it is impossible to know what the conclusion of the lottery will be, there are techniques to boost your chances of winning. An in-depth analysis of various strategies is presented as follows:You might improve your chances of winning the lottery by purchasing multiple tickets, despite the fact that it is essential to keep in mind that the lottery is, at its core, a game of chance. The additional money that you will have to spend as a result of implementing this technique is a drawback. You will have a larger chance of having some of your numbers match those that are drawn if you purchase multiple lottery tickets. This will boost your chances of winning the lottery. It is of the utmost importance to find a balance that allows you to improve your odds while still maintaining control over your spending.

It’s possible that your number choices could provide substantial outcomes if you give them careful consideration. Give some thought to selecting numbers by employing a combination.

Winning the lottery is exciting, but you must follow these steps to ensure your reward claim goes through:

Remember to claim your lottery ticket within one year. Without claiming your reward within that time range (starting on the draw date), you’ll lose it. Your prize depends on promptness.
Check Your Ticket Carefully: Verify your winning lottery ticket before cashing it in. This includes checking the bet’s type, amount, draw date, and numbers. These details must be correct for your claim to be processed.
The minimum age to enter a lottery and win a reward is 18. You cannot buy a ticket or win if you are under this age.
Only buy lottery tickets from PCSO-approved stores to avoid fraud. Avoid lottery ticket guarantee scammers. Buying tickets from an official outlet ensures authenticity.
Take precautions to protect your lotto ticket from heat. Heat can invalidate PCSO tickets, thus you may lose your prize if you cash one in. Keep your ticket in perfect shape to claim.

In conclusion, following these steps is essential for a successful and smooth claims process, as exciting as winning the lottery. You can enjoy your lotto victory without bother or disappointment if you follow the regulations exactly.


Here is the detailed schedule of lotto games held by PCSO from Monday to Sunday.

DayLotto GameDraw Time
MondayGrand Lotto 6/559PM
 Mega Lotto 6/459PM
 4D Lotto9PM
 3D Lotto2PM, 5PM, 9PM
 2D Lotto2PM, 5PM, 9PM
 STL Visayas10:30AM, 3PM, 7PM
 STL Mindanao10:30AM, 3PM, 8PM
TuesdayUltra Lotto 6/589PM
 Super Lotto 6/499PM
 6D Lotto9PM
 3D Lotto2PM, 5PM, 9PM
 2D Lotto2PM, 5PM, 9PM
 STL Visayas10:30AM, 3PM, 7PM
 STL Mindanao10:30AM, 3PM, 8PM
WednesdayGrand Lotto 6/559PM
 Mega Lotto 6/459PM
 4D Lotto9PM
 3D Lotto2PM, 5PM, 9PM
 2D Lotto2PM, 5PM, 9PM
 STL Visayas10:30AM, 3PM, 7PM
 STL Mindanao10:30AM, 3PM, 8PM
ThursdaySuper Lotto 6/499PM
 6D Lotto9PM
 3D Lotto2PM, 5PM, 9PM
 2D Lotto2PM, 5PM, 9PM
 STL Visayas10:30AM, 3PM, 7PM
 STL Mindanao10:30AM, 3PM, 8PM
FridayUltra Lotto 6/589PM
 Mega Lotto 6/459PM
 4D Lotto9PM
 3D Lotto2PM, 5PM, 9PM
 2D Lotto2PM, 5PM, 9PM
 STL Visayas10:30AM, 3PM, 7PM
 STL Mindanao10:30AM, 3PM, 8PM
SaturdayGrand Lotto 6/559PM
 Super Lotto 6/499PM
 3D Lotto2PM, 5PM, 9PM
 2D Lotto2PM, 5PM, 9PM
 STL Visayas10:30AM, 3PM, 7PM
 STL Mindanao10:30AM, 3PM, 8PM
SundayUltra Lotto 6/589PM
 3D Lotto2PM, 5PM, 9PM
 2D Lotto2PM, 5PM, 9PM
 STL Visayas10:30AM, 3PM, 7PM
 STL Mindanao10:30AM, 3PM, 8PM

Congratulations on winning a free ticket to one of PCSO Lotto’s exciting games. You have a year from purchase to redeem your winning ticket and enjoy your prize.

Be sure to verify your ticket(s) for bet type, value, drawing date, and selected numbers.

Game rules for PCSO Lotto include an 18-year age limit. Thank you for following the rules; it keeps the game exciting and fair.

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) manages lotteries and sweepstakes. Philanthropic and public health programs receive funds from these activities.

The PCSO Lotto performs many important tasks, including:

1. Lottery and sweepstakes games: The PCSO Lotto oversees Lotto, Super Lotto, and Grand Lotto, which offer cash rewards. These activities raise money for charities.

2. Charitable Aid: The PCSO Lotto donates to worthy causes. These monies are used for medical expenses like treatment, care, and equipment.

3. Health initiatives: The PCSO Lotto funds and allocates resources for Philippine health initiatives that improve healthcare for underserved communities and those without access to medical treatment.

4. Medical and Dental Missions: The PCSO Lotto organizes and funds dental and medical missions nationwide to provide free healthcare to underserved populations.

5. Scholarships & Financial help for College Students: The PCSO Lotto administers scholarships and financial help.

6. Infrastructure and Charitable Initiatives: The PCSO Lotto builds and renovates clinics and hospitals to improve Filipinos’ healthcare access.

7. Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation: The PCSO Lotto helps communities affected by natural disasters and emergencies by participating in relief and rehabilitation activities.

PCSO Lotto helps advance healthcare and social welfare and raise funds for charity in the Philippines. Through its many philanthropic projects, the company is known for its commitment to marginalized communities and individuals.


Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) Lotto, the country’s first online lottery platform, began drawing on November 20, 2023.

With the establishment of PCSO Lotto, the Philippine lottery sector has advanced greatly. It might boost lottery attendance and government revenue. This implementation may also reduce lottery corruption and fraud.

Players must wager responsibly and be aware that it can become addictive. To promote responsible behavior, PCSO has implemented age verification and self-exclusion initiatives. Players should know about these choices and use them if they need support.

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You can take part in the event by purchasing tickets using the PCSO's online platforms and mobile apps, which are made available to you.

Following each draw, the Public Carriers Service Office (PCSO) will post the winning numbers for each lotto game on their website as well as their social media profiles. You are a winner if any of your numbers match those in the prize drawing.

You can collect your reward at any PCSO retail or branch office if you are one of the lucky winners. You can claim your reward at any PCSO location if it is worth up to 10,000 Philippine Pesos (PHP). You are required to visit a PCSO branch office in order to claim any reward that is worth more than PHP10,000.


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